infrared coagulator

Ref.: LC150D
The infrared contact coagulator consists of an infrared radiator, a rigid light guide curved at the end at which the light emerges, and a tissue contact surface or tip made from a Teflon® polymer that is transparent to infrared and does not adhere to the tissue. The infrared radiation is focussed into the light guide. A low-voltage tungsten-halogen lamp (15 V) produces the beam in a gold-coated reflector housing.
The red light and infrared leakage radiation is allowed to escape outside through the red lamp casing, thus preventing the coagulator from overheating and making it unnecessary to provide an expensive cooling system. The optimal amount of energy to be transferred into the tissue can be pre-set exactly by means of a timer and reproduced at all times.
The ergonomically designed applicator, fitted with a hand-operated switch and supplied with low voltage by means of a flexible lead, enables the doctor to work in a simple and convenient manner.

Advantages :

Coagulation time only 1 - 3 seconds
No tissue adhesion
Precisely adjustable depth of necrosis
Simpler and more effective than injection treatment (proctology)
Also suitable for blood staunching
Various interchangeable light guides
Safe low voltage
No danger of explosion in the intestine (proctology)
No effect on cardiac pacemakers
Can also be used during pregnancy
No inactive electrode

Quartz probe
LCD.523: General proctologic application
Contact area: Ø 7 mm
Active length: 220 mm
Angled: 20°
Infrared-luminous power: approx. 40 W/cm2
Sterilisation: disinfectable
Quartz probe