UProbe L4PC Phased array Wireless Ultrasound Probe



Application Range: CARDIO
Emergency Medicine, Quick Assessment, Point of Care

-Small. Compact size. Easy to carry.
-Wireless. No cables. Work freely.Wireless-charger.
-Waterproof design, convenient for sterilization.
-Fast and Simple. Easy data transfer.

-Scanning mode: Electronic phased array
-Channel of RT: 64
-Display mode: B, B/M, and Color, PW, PDI
-Frequency: central 2.8MHz, cardiac reverse harmonic 3.6mhz, and the transcranial fundamental 2.5MHz
-Display Angle: 80°
-Display Depth: 90/130/160/190mm
-Image Adjust: Gain, DYN, Focus, Depth, Harmonic, Denoise
-Puncture assist function: the function of in-plane puncture guide line, out-of-plane puncture guide line, automatic blood vessel measurement.
-Measure: Length, Area, Angle, Heart
-Image frame rate: 15~20 frames/second
-Battery working time: 90 min.
-Charge: by USB cable charger
-Dimension: 140×60×20mm
-Weight: 120g
-Wifi type: 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps
-Working system: Apple iOS and Android

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