MATRIX Spectar – the universal camera processor

Excellent image quality by means of innovative, proprietary image processing routines
2D and 3D endoscopy with native sensor resolutions up to 4k/UHD
Consistent future-proof Spectar-connector for all 2D and 3D camera heads and video endoscopes
Fanless. Thus, producing a noiseless operation
Programmable keys on the camera heads and video endoscopes
Maximum patient safety through laser-optical isolation

The Spectar is a multi-functional camera platform configurable for a wide range of 2D and 3D applications.

4K camera

Spectar Camera Head 4K
The high resolution 4K sensor of the Spectar camera head provides extremely detailed, crisp, sharp, bright, lownoise
images in conjunction with the MATRIX P Spectar camera processor. The 4x resolution compared to HD,
and the extended colour space make it possible to detect very fine vessels and tissue structures much more
easily – even when enlarged in zoomed display. This provides greater precision and safety for the surgeon. In
addition, visibility and ease of use are greatly enhanced.
• Razor sharp, extremely detailed images
• Higher sensitivity and reduced noise
• Even the finest tissue structures can be reliably
identified with the electronic zoom
• Better visibility and ease of use, more precision
and safety
• Natural colour reproduction for a wide range
of different applications
• Lightweight, compact, ergonomic soft-touch
• Two customizable keys
• Coupler for standard eyepieces in compliance
with DIN
• Spectar connector
329 218 001 Spectar Camera Head 4K
320 080 050 Sterile Adapter



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