LED Handle

PORTABLE EXTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHT SOURCE illuminates any kind of rigid endoscopes and is one of the only portable lights able to illuminate the endoscope sufficiently enough to be effective. Light source connects with endoscopes using most universal ACMI connection. It uses powerfull LED technology and utilize 1,25 watt of LED power to produce HIGH INTENSE BRIGHT LIGHT.


ENT endoscopes ilumination : sinuscopes, laryngoscopes, otoscopes, rhinoscopes
Oto-endoscopes or Otoscopes ilumination - to use in otology, audiology practice. SUFFICIENT FOR VIDEO CAMERA ILUMINATION!!!
Veterinary endoscopy (small animal otoscopy, quick diagnostic procedures, large animal on call procedures)
Borescope and Fiberscope ilumination – better then most poratable available light sources
Very Very bright. Bright enough for Video Applications.

LED has a life of approximately 50,000 hours (5+ years) in compare of halogen or xenon lamps that live much shorter (around 300 hours or less)

LED Charger

LED handle

The LED HAndle is a rechargeable LED light source with a lithium ion battery for a main supply independent operating. The WOLF connection assures full compatibility with endoscopes of all well known producers